What schema settings should I use with WordPress SEO – Enfold 2020

Enfold has the option to add ‘Automated Schema.org HTML Markup‘ but it’s output isn’t designed to help SEO. It adds lots of microdata but doesn’t add much in the way of clean useful markup.

This article is for a basic blog. If your site includes products, reviews, recipes or other data types for which there is specific schemas available then the same steps apply but you’ll need to add more Schema Types (see below) or make use of the additional Schema plugin features.

Best schema settings for WordPress SEO

  • Turn off ‘Automated Schema.org HTML Markup’ under the Layout Builder tab in Enfold.
  • Install ‘Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP’ Plugin.
  • Edit the plugin settings and set your Contact and About page and your Site Navigation Menu.
  • Again the plugin settings complete any missing fields in Knowledge graph and Default Data. This is mainly just setting a default image and logo.
  • Add two new Schema Types. One for Blogposting with ‘Post Type Equal to post’ and one for WebPage with ‘ Post Type Equal to page Or Post Type Equal to portfolio’. (‘Or Post Type Equal to portfolio ‘ only applies if using Enfold)
  • Add additional Schema Types for your custom post types / Woo products etc.

Test your pages and posts using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and you should see all pages and posts include the SiteNavigationElement markup, each page includes the WebPage markup and each post includes the BlogPosting and hcard (author) markup. You should also see your homepage includes the Organization markup.

At the time of writing Enfold was outputting some incorrect hentry markup when a page included the masonry element. The following code (from here) added to your functions.php file fixes it:

function imelgrat_remove_hentry($class)
               $class = array_diff($class, array('hentry'));
               return $class;
add_filter('post_class', 'imelgrat_remove_hentry');


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